Monday, March 07, 2011

Opening Day on Google Maps

I was playing on Google Maps this evening and wandered by the Philadelphia Stadium area.

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There were cars in the lots.  "Hmm. That's interesting," I thought.  "I wonder what the event is.  From up high it looked like the The Linc was lined for soccer and that Citizens Bank Park had tarps around home plate. "Like for batting practice," I thought.

I zoomed in closer.  And as I did I noticed the beer garden and radio tents set up near the Third Base Gate.  I zoomed in closer and realized I was looking at a satellite image of the Phils 2010 Opening Day!  "Holy shit!"  I thought.  "I am IN this picture!!!"

I compared it to a few photos I had taken that day and then looked around for someone to tell.  After exhausting my son and a few other IM buddies, I decided I needed to tell all of you as well.  I can't tell EXACTLY what time it is when the shot was taken, but it's a few hours before game time.  There are not many people watching BP or Mr. Greengenes, but the parking lots are full of tailgaters.

Pretty darn cool!

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