Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back To School Week Rolls On

image from Emma is very proud of the work she did on her "Classmate in a Box" project this week.  She took a shoebox, decorated it with colored paper (while I applied spray glue to my hands and living room) and then added decorations and items that are important to her.

It was hard for Emma to narrow down her important items.  In the end, she included Christmas ornaments from our trips this summer to Maine and Cape May, a mini snow globe from one of her favorite spots, the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, some cranberry items from her mother's farm and a Zhu-Zhu pet mini magazine.

Her photographs were: a shot of her dance friends at their recital, one from Medford of Emma and John, one from her soccer game, one from my birthday, a picture of her with her grandparent's puppy and one of she and her mom in the NICU.  The outside of the box was done one theme to a side, with stickers to match for dance, soccer, art and family things.  Emma finished the project by spelling out her name with sticky letter and adding Tinkerbell and fairy princess stickers to the top of the box.

Emma did a great job figuring out what she wanted to to and putting it all together.  I only helped show her how to measure the colored paper.  She did the rest and was very certain on how she wanted everything to be.  It's always hard to decide what to keep from school projects, but I think this project is a keeper because she can use it to store things that are important to her.

And up for tonight - John's Back to School Night!

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