Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boardwalk Empire Is Back

In a bit less than an hour, HBO's Boardwalk Empire has its season two debut.  It's the first show I have watched since The West Wing went dark a few years back.

Like The West Wing, Boardwalk Empire has stellar writing, seriously good acting and some really interesting plot lines.  The characters are fascinating and the sets are wonderfully done.  I have been waiting for months for tonight's premiere.

I don't do much TV.  It's generally all pretty bad.  I watch a lot of sports, a read a lot and the kids take a lot of time.  I like a few shows like NCIS that are in syndication, and HGTV draws my attention on some Sunday morning.  I had a Food Network thing going for a while, but it faded this past spring as baseball season started.

I'm prepping for tonight's 9pm premiere by watching a few old episodes of The West Wing I snagged off the internet.  I figure it's a good pre-game. 

And it's helping me forget about the Eagles.

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