Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

Here in the Mid-Atlantic region, we've just finished the first weekend of the school year.  Temperatures are still warm and there is a goodly touch of humidity to remind us that the dreaded dog days of August are not too far in the past.

It always seems like the first week and weekend of school are jammed packed with forms to fill out, meetings, activities, games, homework and everything else under the sun.  We're coming off just such a week and even after the weekend, I feel exhausted.

I started with my annual fantasy football draft on Labor Day.  I was getting out this year, but my brother convinced me to come back and try to improve on my 4th place finish from last year.  The draft food, provided by Shane and Maria Zack of Rosalita's Fresh Mexican was stellar and mean I probably need to make a trip out to Malvern some day soon. I picked first this year and grabbed Adrian Peterson, who immediately underperformed in Week 1. Typical. 

image from After one last night out, it was back to school on Wednesday for the kiddies, with John starting 6th grade and Emma going into 2nd.  John has a real 'big kid' schedule, with 11 different teachers including all the 'specials.'  I guess I need to begin saving for his teacher holiday gifts now.  Emma's teacher is actually a neighbor of ours!  In a fascinating coincidence, she used to live in the house that we moved into in August.  Emma now sleeps in the same bedroom as her teacher did a decade or two ago.

After dentist appointments and sports practices last week, the weekend heralded the real beginning of fall sports season.  John's travel baseball team had a scrimmage against the 11U NJ state champion Sacred Heart Angels.  He was our starting pitcher and worked an economical 2 innings, giving up 2 hits and no earned runs, walking no one with a K.  He struggled a bit at the plate however, getting caught looking on an outside corner pitch that is his nemesis.  His War Eagles dropped the game 5-1, but really played quite well for their first game of 'real baseball' on the 50-70 field.

image from Emma had her first ever soccer game on Saturday morning.  She enjoyed herself despite the mugginess.  She had one really good series bringing the ball up the field for a scoring opportunity.  While she prefers to play defense, we are still working on some basic concepts with the team.  Apparently ANYONE can coach youth soccer, as I have been tabbed as an assistant.  Prior to Emma joining soccer this year, I am pretty sure the last time I was on a soccer field was for Mr. Logue's gym class at St, James in 1987.

Saturday afternoon marked the return of the annual Pesotski Crabfest, hosted this image from year by my sister Carin and her husband Kevin.  Normally Crabfest is held on Father's Day, but Emma had her Dance Recital on Father's Day this year and my father was under the weather, so we re-scheduled.  It was an enjoyable afternoon, not nearly as hot as some of our previous gatherings and the food, beverages and company were excellent. 

An added benefit of waiting until late in the crab season is that prices were the lowest in memory, with my brother Matt snagging a bushel for the unheard of price of $150 at Seafood Connection in Linwood.  I found a nice selection of fall beers at Medford Wine and Spirits, including Seirra Nevada's amazing Tumbler.

We wrapped the weekend up yesterday with baseball practice, some football on TV, John's late summer reading essays and Emma's forthcoming 'Classmate in a Box' project.

Things don't slow down at all this week with dance class starting up tonight, 2 practices, back to school night and a baseball tournament looming for the weekend.  How are the other daddy an mommy bloggers handling what Jennifer terms 'the layering on of activities' that begins the school year?

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