Sunday, September 11, 2011

On 9/11

You can't be an American these days without knowing that today marks the 10 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and the Washington DC area.  Even my daughter, blissfully unaware of the war on terror all of her life, understands today's import. image from

Today is first a day to remember those who were lost.  Most of them ordinary people, just going about their lives when evil was visited upon them.  The families, friends and nation they left behind didn't get to say goodbye and could not mourn personally.  Instead their loss was subsumed into a great American grief.  I hope that the intervening 10 years have given everyone who knew them an opportunity to remember them as they were, real people, living real lives.  People who made mistakes and did wonderful things, fathers, mothers, children, confidantes.

We should remember too the people who knew there was a danger and went into harm's way, showing the terrorists the finest example of American courage.  The first responders, the heroes of Flight 93, the workers who died from environmental dangers in the 10 years since.  Ordinary people who did honorable things, showing the world that evil will not - cannot - prevail.

Today should be a day when we go out and live our American lives. Watch football, shop, play baseball or soccer, enjoy time with our families.  We need to live 9/11 as a day like any other American Day.  Americans never forget, but they always move on.  Today is a day for doing both, and each honors those we lost 10 years ago.

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