Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fantastic Four - Footloose and Movie Re-Makes

So the re-make of the 80s classic Footloose comes out today.  Kevin Bacon is nowhere to be seen, and there isn't a feathered, blow dry cut on any of the cast. 

The original was made just as I was starting high school, with all of the dances and hormones attendant thereto.  While there wasn't anyone who looked remotely like Lori Singer at a St. James dance, we sure wished there was!  Given its special place in my movie memories, it's pretty tough to see this one get re-made, which leads us to this week's Friday Fantastic Four:

What Are the Four Best Movie Re-Makes of All Time?

  1. Casino Royale - Daniel Craig is angry, haunted and just freaking excellent. Maybe the best Bond movie ever.  The original was really a disaster - a send up of spy movies, not a real Bond.
  2. Ocean's 11 - both were amazingly good films, Clooney isn't Sinatra, and there's no one like Dean Martin, but the rest of the re-make cast is pretty darn solid and it's a beautiful film to look at.
  3. The Parent Trap - Lindsay Lohan as a cute pair of twins, Dennis Quaid as her clueless father.  A favorite of my kids and a few other folks I know.  The original stars a button cute Hayley Mills
  4. Meet Joe Black - visually beautiful film with a really creepy plot.  Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt are scarily good.  Fredric March starred in the movie that inspired the 1998 remake.

Everyone have a great weekend!  I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to some downtime.

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