Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Neighbors

We've got it pretty good where we live.  We live on a very quiet street, safe to play on and with a park, dining, shops and other kids within a block.  Every house has a friendly dog or two, bunnies are everywhere, the houses are well-cared for and everyone smiles and waves as you go by.

The folks who live right next door have two teenage girls, but even so it's way quieter that you would expect.  One neighbor lets the kids use the pool in the summer and another is my daughter's teacher. 

There is a creek with a trail for the kids to walk on, some interesting woods and fields for boys to be boys in and some nice swings for little girls to have fun on.  Medford Village is a pretty darn nice place to live.

Last night, one of my neighbors and I were talking and she said, "So what are you going to do at night now that the Phillies have lost?"  I chuckled and said, "Oh you noticed I am a big Phils fan?" She kind of looked down and said, Well I can see right in your living room windows from my bedroom."

Time to buy some curtains!

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Jennifer said...

Oh the small town vibe in the very nooks and crannies of the 'burbs...
Nice! Good luck curtain shopping.