Thursday, November 03, 2011

Barbuzzo Review

Maybe the best restaurant in Philly right now.  No hyperbole there.

Caution - you should know before reading the rest of the review that I am in full-on love with Barbuzzo at the moment.

image from, it's a beautiful space.  At night it's a bit hard to tell with every table filled from 5 though 11 pm, but stop by for lunch and look around.  The place was meticulously put together by people with a wonderful eye for detail and quality.

Second, the food.  Good lord, what flavors and preparation.  Amazing vegetarian soup is a wonderful way to start any meal.  The distinct flavors of each of the vegetables are evident.  I also have had a chicken vegetable chorizo soup that was simply stunning.

The star of the antipasti plate was the buffalo mozzarella with an incredible arugula pesto.  It's a fair sized meal, or an excellent sharing appetizer, and under priced at $13.

I have also enjoyed the Barbuzzo burger.  It's a juicy, tender blend of salty and sweet with a tomato onion spread that makes me consider if it's better than the burgers at Village Whiskey.  Maybe not quite, but close.  Marcie Turney has an inspired menu and Paul Lyons and Chris Davis are doing amazing work in the kitchen.

Third, the drinks.  It's a well-tended bar with every ingredient you could ever hope image from  The Sazerac 13 features Old Overholt Rye and a several rather hard to find bitters.  There are 6 taps of excellent craft brews as well as a number of great canned and bottled beers.  If you are a wine fan, this is a super list by the glass, rivaling any wine bar in the area.

I have had great service in my two visits, though things are a bit noisy and tight in the evening.  It's a really fun place and certainly the best food I have had out in some time.  Make it a point to get in there!  And stop by their website.  The blog features reviews by people more famous than me.

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