Monday, November 14, 2011

Delco Sunset

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I am a sunset guy.  I will pull over on the side of the road to watch the amazing play of pinks and purples across the sky on summer evenings or pull on a coat and watch the golds dance on a cold winter afternoon.  I take a lot of sunset photos, some that look like an inferno is engulfing the earth, some where the sun just disappeared into the desert twilight, some others that certainly show the face of god, a few that illuminated special moments and some where the world seemed near an end.

Yesterday as the sun was setting on the Eagles' season, Dan Walklett said, "You should get your camera."  I am glad he did.  All my life I have enjoyed taking photos, somtimes alone, some times prompted by others, sometimes with someone special at my side. 

I've never seen to that were the same and yet I alwasy have the same thought. "What a great way to end a day."  Regardless of how bad the day way, a good sunset can always make it better.  This time of year it's a little tough with the sun setting before I get out of work, but that just gives me another reason to look forward to the weekend!

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