Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fantastic Four - Black Friday

It's Black Friday in America, that orgy of consumer excess that has shoppers pepper spraying each other over a $200 TV and people abandoning the Thanksgiving dinner table to eat dinner in line for the  Pod Touch 8gb that 728 other people are in line for ahead of you.

What are the four most insane things about Black Friday?

  1. The 2,000 people in line at midnight at the Springfield Mall Target.
  2. That I actually was out shopping in it. (Lasted a bit more than an hour!)
  3. That the fire marshall actually thinks it is safe to put 1,200 people into a Toys R Us so stuffed with crap that you can only follow the person in front of you though the maze of aisles.
  4. That it started at 9pm on Thanksgiving?

The kids and I are home enjoying the quiet finally.  I hope that you are enjoying some leftovers!

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