Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Fantastic Four - Favorite Authors

We've been on a movie theme lately, but with Nicholas Sparks and John Grisham releasing big new books lately and Stephen King's much anticipated 11/22/63 coming out next week, I think it is a good time to switch to a book theme.

Who are your four favorite authors?

  1. John Sandford - From his 'Prey' novels starring smartass detective Lucas Davenport to his new books featuring quirky Virgil Flowers, Sandford makes Minnesota interesting!  Maybe the best characters in the crime genre today.
  2. John Feinstein - While he will never beat his debut 'A Season on the Brink' that took us all inside college basketball like no one ever had or will again, Feinstein turns out thoughtful sports inside stories nearly every year, showing us the heroism and frailties of the people we watch on TV every weekend.
  3. Michael Connelly - Once again, an author who has had huge success with two characters, first LAPD detective Harry Bosch and now a bit player from that series has his own hit series as lawyer Mickey Haller keeps Connelly fresh.  His love for LA really comes though in these books.
  4. Ruth Downie - A recent discovery for me, Downie is a British historical fiction writer whose novels feature a Roman doctor living in Britain in the second century.  Very interesting period detail, wry humor and complex plots make these a new favorite.

So who are the writers who will make you pick up a new release every time?

Have a great weekend!

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