Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My Princess is 8!

It's absolutely incredible to me that my daughter Emma turns 8 today.  It seems like just yesterday she was a tiny little thing on a respirator, stubbornly fighting her way into the world.  Today she is a sweet, sometimes sassy study of a suburban tween girl who loves her shoes, her dance, her soccer and Justin Beiber.

image from's my observant child, always checking things out, noting when someone has a new haircut or a cool new pair of shoes.  She's whip-smart, an enthusiastic reader who loves to write, do her art and dreams about being a dance teacher.  She is a firm teacher when working with her babies and loves to help in the kitchen.

A close follower of all things Justin Beiber, Emma also follows pop music and fashion trends closely.  She is a girl's girl, avoiding dirt, but really getting into things that are pink.  She enjoys taking pictures and shopping, is always up for a chat on the phone and can be counted on to ask me every night to read her another book to push off bedtime just a bit longer.

Still there are days when my little angel is a bit of a mystery to me.  She is often able to entertain herself for hours and will get upset if you bother her.  Other times, she needs you to constantly pay attention to her and her pretty little face will cloud over if you don't have a moment for her right then.  Generally she is easy going ans cheerful and very tolerant of her older brother.  Occasionally (especially when she is tired) all heck will break loose over the tiniest perceived problem.

I am so grateful that she has a tough spirit and a positive outlook about everything in her life.  She's had some tough times for a child and I am ever so lucky that she has come through them so well.  I am also so thankful for all the people who have helped me along the way to understand my little girl.  A single dad with a smart, willful energetic girl is very lucky to have such a tremendous array of moms, grand mothers and other friends and family to fall back on when I have questions.  We're a happy little family with a lot of love and support.

Emma's a super little girl, one of the most perfect little people I have ever known.  It makes me so happy to see her when she comes running up to me.  I know there are tougher days coming as she gets older, but today I just want to see her as the wonderful kid she has always been. 

Happy Birthday Emma!  I love you so much!


patti said...

That was beautiful Chris. Quite the tear jerker. She is so going to lucky to have all of these words and pictures in one place. Happy birthday Emma!

Melissa said...

This is wonderful, Chris. Every child should have someone in their life who treasures them as much as you do your Emma. (It sounds as if Emma and our "Betty" would be good friends ... they seem similar. :) Happy Birthday Emma!

Chris said...

Thanks to two of my best advisers on my little girl!

Jennifer said...

Awwwww! I hope you share this post with her.