Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rainy Tuesdays Aren't All Bad

I am so glad that today happened the way it did.  A morning that was a bit slower-paced than usual.  Running some errands around town and catching up with  image from www.flickr.comsome friends via text message.  A few moments to myself.  A visit to John's classroom for his presentation on weather.

A work teleconference, some emails about baseball and a good conversation with my son.  Music to think about on the radio, antipasti for lunch, a happy little girl, clean laundry folded and put away.  A good deed proposed, done and delivered. A heart made lighter, but tighter.

Doing some email while homework is done, watching the kids play a board game.  Rooms cleaned, trash cans out.  Computer problem solved, dishes done and bathroom cleaned. Angry birds to play with while we wait for dinner.  Clean plates, quick showers and books read equals ice cream cake for dessert.  Teeth brushed and a quiet house gives me a moment to reflect. 

Rain on the windows with no other sound and my eyes droop ...

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