Monday, November 21, 2011

Sometimes She's A Handful - A Single Dad Reflects On His Daughter

Anyone who reads these pages knows I am completely devoted to my daughter Emma.  Some days are just a bit more trying than others, though and today was one of them.  Thanks to my many friends who have contacted me tonight after my image from Facebook post a bit earlier. You are all correct.  She's a super little girl who cares deeply about everyone she meets and loves her friends and family with all her heart.

I guess maybe the wonderful weekend we had kind of made a tough day an inevitability.  On Friday, Emma got a great report card, so we took her and her BFF out to lunch.   Then we had a wonderfully fun afternoon visiting her best friend's house.  We went to the book fair and community night at school and then out to dinner at The Pub with a bunch of our Tabernacle friends.  Emma wrapped up the evening with her first sleep over at a friend's house and she loved every minute of it.

Saturday was no less packed, as Emma hosted her friend for a few hours and then we headed over to Swarthmore for my niece Ellie's 5th birthday.  Cake, ice cream, presents and some very happy kids!  We wrapped that night up with her second sleepover.  After a communal brunch Sunday with the Ranson and Newsome clans, we headed back to Medford for an afternoon of much needed-relaxing and a wonderful pork loin dinner.

I said earlier today that I am trying to raise a young woman who is strong and self-assured.  'You're succeeding,' a friend pointed out. 'But that makes everything just a bit harder.'

So when I think back over what I am sure was one of Emma's best weekends ever, and consider all that she is as an 8 year old, I must agree with you all that she deserves a pass for today.  Thanks everyone for the attitude adjustment!

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