Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve - Getaway Day Followed by Amateur Night

After five days off, Another Delco Guy is in the office today with his skeleton crew, dreading the traffic we will see later.  This is a work day for me that is sandwiched in between 5 off for family time and the 4 day Thanksgiving holiday. 

The kids have half days all week, and going in today was particularly hard for Emma. I had visited John's classroom yesterday to see his presentation on 'Hurricane Jyatt'  which is a pretty funny video if you are interested.  Emma was feeling a bit left out that I wasn't visiting her class today for the Thanksgiving feast.  Sadly, I didn't know about the feast until last night and had already been scheduled in the office today.  Thankfully, we have had a lot of daughter-daddy time lately and she perked up a bit when I reminded her that I would see her tomorrow and we would go see her cousins in Swarthmore for Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, we're holding down the fort at the UArts ghost town and maintaining our pre-holiday good cheer.  Later on we will fight our way through the traffic to get home or to second jobs or to whatever else might be planned on the biggest traveling and drinking day of the year.  I know many of you are on a half-day as well, so enjoy the afternoon off!

Tomorrow is the big day, family, food, football and fellowship.  It's the greatest holiday of them all, and I will of course have my 6th annual Thanksgiving Day post as well.  I know you are all breathless with anticipation!

Whatever your plans for later, please be patient and safe on the roads, enjoy your friends and family and remember to tip your bartenders and wait staff!

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