Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Village Pub - A Review

First, you have to know what you are getting when you go to "The Pub."  The floors are plywood.  The bar is plywood.  The biggest TV is 27 inches, it's on a stack of milk crates, and it was made in the Carter administration.

You aren't here for the ambiance.

What you are here for is surprisingly good, cheap Italian food, local color and/or a night of beers with your friends.  This local hangout caters to everyone from serious drunks to families out after a youth sports event. While the place is certainly clean, it's clean in a gritty, mellow way.

There is always a full roster of specials, heavy on the pasta and easy on the wallet.  I think they do a great job with their veal dishes. There is also a full bar menu with excellent wings and a chicken cheesesteak that is one of the best around.  Marinated chunks of chicken breast are grilled, slathered in cheese and dumped in a soft roll.  Not the standard prep, but a darn good spin on a classic.

Every tradesman in the area stops at the bar at least once a week for the cheap beer and the good conversation.  If you're looking for your son's basketball coach after the game, trust me, he's here.  I've even seen a bachelorette party here.

You'd never guess the place was any good from the road.  Or even from the dining table.  But trust me on this. The food is WAY better and the prices are better than PJs.  Sure, you aren't going to get 16 flatscreen TVs and seriously hot waitresses like PJs, but you'll thank me for telling you to sit down, ignore the wobbly table, grab a $2 draft and enjoy one of the specials.

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