Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fantastic Four - Christmas Vacation

Today is my last day of work for 2011.  One of the benefits of working in higher education is the 2 week vacation around Christmas and New Year's. 

It's a great two weeks and gives me a lot of time off when most of the rest of the world is running hither and yon, trying to grab up last minute gifts and bottles of wine to take to holiday get together.  I get a week before Christmas to do all that I need to get done and then the next week to wind down.  There isn't any money to go somewhere warm this year, so I will be hanging close to my base.  I know you all don't get two weeks off, but if you did ...

What Four Things Are You Going To Do On Christmas Vacation?

1. Finish up shopping.  Yep.  Despite my earlier forays out into the shopping venues of Pennsylvania and South Jersey, I have procrastinated.  I have to make sure the piles are about the same and get a few more gifts and stocking stuffers.

2. Family Events.  While we won't have family visitors from afar this year, the locals will still gather.  My sister is the go-to person this year I guess.  I will be Swarthmore bound for Christmas Eve.  The Medford house is nice and cozy, but not really set up for large-scale family gatherings like the Mount Laurel and Moorestown houses were.

3. Lazy Days.  I have the kids a lot over Christmas Vacation, so there will be a lot of time spent just watching them play with their new stuff from Santa. 

4. Something for me.  If it stays nice, maybe some hiking.  If it's not so nice, I will have to find another way to stay out of trouble.  In the past I would always tackle some home improvement project.  I don't need to do that this year, but the days without the kids around can be tough, so I need to take some time for 'me' things!

So what are your Christmas (winter) Vacation plans? 

Have a great time this weekend!


Jennifer said...

1) I have a shitload of shopping to do, so I suppose that's on the list.
2) I would clean my house from top to bottom
3) Drink. A lot.
4) Enjoy the winter weather with my kidlets.
4a) Take the kids out and learn how to snoeshoe--if only we had snow...

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