Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday Fantastic Four - Home Sick

Well I have been laid out by a cold, so after toughing it out yesterday at work,  I am huddled under a blanket at home today.  Hence, today's illness-themed Fan 4.

What four things are part of your home sick routine?

  1. Won Ton Soup - This is my version of my grandfather's 'Jewish penicillin.'  If I was home sick as a kid, he would make a big pot of chicken soup from scratch.  It worked, but I never got the recipe, so I swear by won ton soup.
  2. Iced Tea - Decaffinated Red Rose tea by the gallon.  It keeps me hydrated and I can still sleep.
  3. The Couch - I have to get out of bed when I am sick.  I usually rest and relax on the couch, where I can at least feel like I got out of bed even if I am not doing anything else.
  4. Patheticness - Yep, I am pathetic when I am sick.  I admit it.  I got through yesterday with the help of Sudafed, but today is all about me!

Everyone have a great weekend and stay well!

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