Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday Fantastic Four - Outrageous Christmas Gifts

It's holiday shopping season.  I can tell because the mail guy at work is delivering boxes to every cubicle and the roads around every shopping mall are clogged from dawn to midnight.

So since you are out looking for ways to stimulate the economy, I thought I would give you my Christmas List.

What are your top four fantasy Christmas gifts for 2011?

  1. The CR-V is getting a little long in the tooth, so I think a new car would be a good idea.  The Noble M600 isn't the fastest car in the world, but it's int he top 10 and is super slick to look at!
  2. My Dell Laptop is 5 years old and also headed to the scrap pile someday soon.  I think a nice Toshiba 3D Blu-Ray laptop should be just what I need to do the blog for the coming year.
  3. I might be the last guy in America without HDTV.  It's time to change that!  I know my brother loves his Toshiba, but for me the TV to get is a Panasonic!
  4. Phinally - A pair of Phils season tickets are the way to go for my final gift request for the year.  The team is in flux right now, but who doesnt like going down to the park on a warm summer evening?

So what gifts are on your fantasy Christmas list this year?

Everyone have a great weekend!

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