Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Things Done

After a day of cookies and hospitals and grandparents and visiting a new kitten yesterday, today is decidedly a get things done day.  It's amazing how energized two zooming kids and a good night of sleep can make you feel.

Kids Building
We had a great breakfast of locally-raised eggs and local sausage, run a bunch of laundry, gone grocery shopping, paid the bils, cleaned up the Christmas debris and just finished lunch.  This afternoon we are hosting a pair of playdates, hanging some curtains in the kids' rooms, building Legos and maybe doing a bit of baking with the girls.

We've got nothing scheduled for tonight, so maybe we will make some dinner, put in some movies and see how things go after that!

For me, today is the essence of my winter break.  Getting some things done, enjoying some time with the kids and eating well. For those of you who have to work, I'm sorry.  I hope that it's at least a bit slower than usual.  For those of use off for a few more days, enjoy!

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