Monday, December 05, 2011

Holiday Lessons

We just had a great weekend preparing for Christmas.  The tree is up, Santa came to Swarthmore, the decorations are complete in Brookhaven and Emma wrote her letter to Santa.  Even battling a cold, it was a really nice weekend!

The preparation, shopping, cooking and parties make December a hectic, but happy time of year. Remembering past holidays with fondness is a huge part of why we all look forward to the season every year. Snow on Christmas Eve, caroling in the neighborhood, spiked egg nog, opening presents by the fire and seeing folks from far and wide are all great memories that will last a lifetime.

Still, the holidays can be hard sometimes. People who are missing from are lives feel all the more missing at this time of year.  Old wounds open afresh when you look around the table and notice the faces who aren't there as well as the family and friends who are.  Old traditions can be a little bit hard when the people who made them important are no longer in your life.

The kids and I were reflecting a bit on people who are no longer with us anymore as we unpacked our holiday items this weekend.  Emma especially had a hard time.  She missed the chance to say goodbye to some people who left us this year and it's hard for her to close out those feelings. 

With my heart in my throat and biting back tears, I had to tell my little princess, "Sometimes we don't get to say goodbye.  That's why we need to make sure the people we love know it every single day."

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Jennifer said...

Augh! You're killing me, Chris. Wise words to your daughter. Live it.