Tuesday, December 13, 2011

John's Tree Is Up

image from www.flickr.comFollowing his review of the latest Discover Channel Gold Rush, John got his little green Christmas tree put up tonight.  He took a good bit of time 'fluffing' the tree, as he's been taught,  to make it appear as large as possible.  He spent a bit less time clearing the area though, deciding it was best on his dresser among this technology and trophies.

Nevertheless, he is quite happy with the result and also feels that the tree complements his lava lamp. 'It's sweet!' was his proclamation.  Unlike his sister, he wants the tree off for sleeping. 

image from www.flickr.comEmma spent her free time tonight extending her Christmas list.  From the little girl who last week could not think of anything to ask Santa for, the list sure has grown.  Emma also kept me company as I cleaned up from dinner, playing holiday computer games on the family computer.  They all seem to have hideous graphics and mindless pseudo-holiday music, but she was quietly enraptured until I saw her head drooping and dispatched her to bed.

As for me?  Two days down, Only three work days left for 2011!

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