Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Is Here

image from the official first day of winter doesn't happen until the winter solstice on December 22 this year, today is the first day that it has felt like winter to me.  The deciding factor for me was the frost on the windshield this morning.  I'm pretty sure that I have not had frost on my windshield since March of 2009, a pretty good run, for sure, but a pretty stark wake-up call at 7 this morning.  Ahh to have a garage again, oh but then you have to shovel the driveway...

How far can we be from this scene?

We had a very mild fall, with temperatures in the 60s as late as 10 days ago.  I Even given the freak Halloween snow storm that his much of the Philadelphia region, I still have not really felt the cold until today.  As loathe as I usually am to bundle up, I went with gloves and a scarf today, but could not bear to put on a watch cap yet. 

Only 68 days until pitchers and catchers!

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