Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Good Time For A Long Weekend


Have you ever had a weekend where you felt like you needed another weekend to recover?

This was one of those - thank goodness I have tomorrow off!

After a pretty cool Friday night with the boys dancing and me hanging out with Emma and the Duff girls, the slow Saturday morning was a welcome few moments of quiet.While I wish I could have done the coaching clinic in Cherry Hill, I had other priorities this weekend.

We rolled over to Delco for a cousins afternoon. Spunky helped me make dessert and we all got back to our roots with some Sloppy Joes!  Add in some Ransons, Wii, red wine, a kitten and Midnight in Paris and you've got a great night for kids and adults alike. 

Today started with some tough new from the South, but we friends and family pulled together.  After about a million emails, texts messages and phone calls, all the bothers and sisters are together in Atlanta, and we are hopeful that things are improving tonight.  Thanks to everyone who made this weekend wonderful instead of difficult.

I wrapped up the night feeding my Food Network addiction and being really REALLY happy I am off tomorrow.

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