Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back To The Real World

For the first time in over two weeks I had to go to work today.  I know.  Most of you are not sympathetic.  I get it. 

Today really started last night with the making of lunches, selection of outfits and review of what was needed for the week. It took me a little while to wind down last night and everyone was a bit drowsy this morning.  Even after needing to spend a few extra minutes getting Emma moving, we still all made it to school and work on time. (I was even early!)

I'm amazed at how quickly it all gets right back up to speed.  Dance class started back up last night.  We have doctor and other appointments this week.  Baseball workouts also get started this week, which means that we are scant weeks away from actual outdoor practices. 

We've still got de-decorating to do. John and Emma don't want any parts of that, so I guess I will have to do it solo this weekend. I love having the lights and decorations up, but I saw more than a few trees out at the curb this morning on the way into work. 

I made a few mid-year resolutions in 2011 that are pretty big and have been doing fairly well on them.  I have two for 2012 - I want to begin eating healthier.  I started with a healthy breakfast, but I suspect the 2 cans of Coke and the ham sandwich for lunch are not the best way to get through the day.  The second is to do more writing away from the blog.  I have a few projects that I have put on the back burner, but I want to get them moving again.  I like writing and it makes me feel better about the world, but I get sidetracked too easily.  Hopefully this is the year one or more of those projects comes to fruition.

On the sports front, my kids and I really enjoyed watching The Winter Classic yesterday.  I can honestly say that if every game were played with that intensity, I would watch a lot more hockey.  While I don't think that there will be anything to it, I am eagerly anticipating at least the possibility that Jeff Lurie will end our long local nightmare and can Andy this afternoon. 

On the weather front, it's 28 degrees today, we already saw our high temperature out there and tonight it will be dropping into the teens.  If you have been using your back step as an auxillary holiday beer cooler, bring the stuff in our you will be cleaning up quite a mess when temps jump back up to the 50s this weekend.

Anyway, welcome to the 2013!  I'm looking forward ot the year and all that it brings.  Hopefully I will do a little less daddy blogging and get back to restaurant reviews and opinion pieces, but who knows.  Enjoy!

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