Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday Fantastic Four - Favorite Tools

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Fantastic Four of the New Year.  I am helping some friends and relatives around the house this weekend. Last night I had to gather up my tools for the projects which got me thinking about all the tools I have and what my favorites are.  For your list, feel free to liberally define tool as anything that helps you complete a task.

What are your favorite tools?

  1. My Makita LCT200W Drill/Driver set.  When I first used Bopper's version of this tool a few years back, I knew I had to have one.  Super-light, plenty of power and easy to use all day long.  At just more that $200, every serious handyman should have one.
  2. My Stanley knife - One of my oldest tools.  Used for so long most of the paint is gone.  Easy to load blades, feels perfect in my hand.  I have bought a few knives over the years to see if they would feel better and I keep coming back to the old standard.
  3. My HTC Thunderbolt - It surfs the web at blazing 4G speed, takes super 8mp photos, replaced my GPS, entertains the kids with Angry Birds, reads me my Audible books, has super traffic and weather apps and oh yeah it works pretty darn well as a phone too!  It's the Swiss Army Knife of smart phones!
  4. My Wusthof chef's knife - A birthday gift from my brother and his bride afew years back, this knife is perfectly balanced, keeps a great edge and is a super all-around performer in the kitchen.  While my knife skills are not Food Network worthy, this baby gets it done for me!  It came in a set with a great bread knife and paring knife as well.

So what are your favorite little helpers?

Have a great weekend!

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Matt said...

If I stick just to household tools, I'll go with my Milwaukee blade (opens like a pocket knife), the screwdriver set you gave me about 8 years ago in a toolbox that also included wrenches and assorted other hand tools, my drill (Milwaukee 18v), and my phone so I can call you/Bopper/dad when I give up on swearing at my problem and ask for help.