Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WordFUL Wednesday

Screw Worldless Wednesday for this week.  I am in a rut.  I seem to write a lot of the same things on here and i need to break out of that  cycle.  Sure, I write about my great kids and we all love that, but hearing how great my kid are gets boring even to me after a while. 

I write about how things have changed in my life and how it's hard but I am coping with it. Yeah, everyone's life is hard, they just don't all have blogs where they whine about it every day.  Seriously, some of the stuff I have written makes we want to listen to James Taylor, grab a bottle of Jack and stare morosely into space for a few days.

A lot of the stuff I have written since starting the blog back up in June have been the basic updates about life.  Seriously, reading back, I can't believe several dozen people actually stop by to read this crap every day.  I'm bored out of my skull reading it and it's my friggin' life!

Back in the day, I was way more wide-ranging.  I did some news analysis, social commentary, sports discussion and reviews of books, restaurants and the like.  Semi-interesting stuff that assumed that people cared what I thought.  

You're all on notice.  I'm going back that way.  Yeah there will still be family updates and the like, but there's going to be a more concerted effort to actually write about stuff that matters outside my small circle of family and friends.  Not really for more readers, either, but really because I am feeling the need to expand what I am thinking and writing about. 

So read the blog if you want to, if not, you've got Facebook for the updates.

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