Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday Fantastic Four - Catholic High School Edition

While the Friday Fantastic Four is a day late, I have an excuse. Yesterday, pretty much everyone who went to Catholic school in the Philly area was watching our news feeds to see what the fate was of the high schools that a blue ribbon commission had recommended for closure.

The news broke yesterday afternoon and there was jubilation across the area as parents, students and alumni learned that all of the schools would be spared, though Prendie and Bonner will merge in order to survive. All of the FB posts, pictures of crying girls, biting commentary and emotion got me to thinking about my fore years at St. James in Chester.  And with those thoughts came today's fan four:

What were the four best things about going to Catholic high school?

  1. Being part of something bigger than myself - We had a network, a brotherhood and even today, 17 years after Bevilacqua shut us down, STJ lives on!
  2. Uniform skirts - Yes, I went to an all-boys high school, but whenever we could, we would get out early and shoot up to Cardinal O'Hara where the girls were!
  3. Knowing every guy in my class - I graduated with 180 other guys.  I can honestly say that I knew every one of them, and probably knew every guy in school by name.  I'm not unusual.  Many of us are still in touch, 25 years later.
  4. Having a celibate man teach us about the value of marriage - Phrases like 'allaying concupiscence' sure made us want to run out and get married, Fr. Brugger!

I feel great for everyone who helped save the Philadelphia area Catholic high schools from the chopping block, especially the Bonner and Prendie folks back home in Delco.  Congrats!

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