Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Fantastic Four - Weird Philadelphia

I have lived In the Philly region my whole life and I have to admit there are some things I just don't understand about my hometown.

What are the top four weird things about your home town?

  1. The Mummers - I just don't understand the fascination.  Drunk, crossdressing union guys and banjo music?  What am I missing here? 
  2. Wing Bowl - I wentto this bacchanalian event a few times as a young man, but I really didn't understand the draw of getting drunk at 5 am and watching guys eat so many cold chicken wings that they throw up.
  3. Parking In South Philly - By all means, just stop your car in the middle of Shunk Street and run in to the deli to talk to Tony about that thing. Everyone will wait for you!  No problem!
  4. Scrapple - Ugh.  Gritty processed pig parts.  If the diner grease wasn't enough to make you vomit, the texture of this Philly Phavorite sure will!

So what makes your home town special?  Everyone have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Scrapple is a PA Dutch delicacy, served often by your Grandma, who was from Emmaus, PA. Loved it as a kid; can't imagine eating it now!