Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

And so it's Valentine's Day again this year. Things are a mite different than last year! I was fully prepared post about the rampant commercialization and media over-hype of the holiday, but my black-hearted anti-VD rant was deflated this morning when my daughter told me that February 14 is her favorite holiday.

'Why?' I grumbled.

'Because you get to tell everyone that you love them,' she said plainly and sweetly.


So I thought about things a bit this morning, and I am left agreeing that Emma's basic sentiment is a sound one. There really should be a day where it's ok to remember how much you love everyone and to let them know. I still think the $275 dinner and Champagne 'deal' at 10Arts tonight is a bit excessive, but a simple call to mom and a card or fresh flowers for your significant other isn't.

So my advice is to keep it simple.  Skip the jewelry and tacky lingerie, avoid the ridiculously expensive momentary delights and concentrate on what makes your life important. Who do you love and why? Make that the focus of today.

We'll be out tonight as a family, enjoying a place we all love and each other's company.  For you it may be Chinese takeout, a bottle of Riesling and a movie on the couch, or a local dinner out at a favorite spot, or just a night where you think about the people who make your life special.

So for everyone in my life who make me feel so well-loved in so many ways, and for those who make my children's lives special every day, thank you and happy Valentine's Day.

And thanks especially to my littlest valentine for reminding me why today is important!

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