Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fantastic Four - Dancing On Air

Tomorrow, a TV staple of my teenage years returns to the airwaves as WPHL-TV 17 revives 'Dancin' on Air' at 10 am.  The original show, much like its predecessor 'American Bandstand,'  featured local kids dancing to the latest 80s dance and pop hits. While I never appeared on the show due to my hereditary inability to dance, I do know several folks who appeared on the show.

The show helped make Madonna, Kelly Ripa, Duran Duran and others big stars and later went national as 'Dance Party USA,'. I was working as  DJ at the time and it was always great to see how crowds reacted to new music on the show.  While I will be busy tomorrow night for the new show's premier, I will definitely DVR it. 

All this got me to thanking about other things that I would bring back from my teenage years ...

What are the top four things you would bring back from your teenage years?

  1. Pulsations - a great place to dance and party all night, but not as great a place to work!
  2. Cruising In the Jeep - Top off, George Thorogood blasting, was a great way to start the weekend!
  3. The Big Green, '77 Chevy - If Goot hadn't totaled it the day he bought it, the thing would still be running.
  4. The Wharf - oh wait!  The Wharf still exists (Sort of)  And I was NEVER there as a teenager!

It's a big weekend for the Final Four, College Open Houses, Baseball Opening Days, Xfinity Live opening and so much more.  Relax and enjoy!

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