Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fantastic Four - Salem D3hoops Edition

I am down in Salem, Virginia covering the NCAA DIvision III Men's Basketball Championship weekend, so we have a Final Four edition of the Fantastic Four:

What Four Things Do You Love About the Final Four?

  1. Senior Guards - They always seem to rise to the occasion this weekend, and I am hoping that this weekend is no different!  It's also great to have a senior all-star game where small college greats like Paul Kouvaris get one more moment in the sun.
  2. Crazy Fans - From TitanQ to Mailsy to guys with wigs and army fatigues, it's a festival of fandom this weekend!
  3. Great Coaches - I will put the guys in town this weekend up against most of the D1 coaching fraternity any day.
  4. The Walnut and Bronze - It's why we're here!

Everyone enjoy the games and your weekend! Thanks to all the great folks at the ODAC, the Salem Civic Center, Mac and Bob's and Awful Arthur's for all your assistance this weekend!

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