Monday, April 16, 2012

A Week In Review and A Funny Coaching Moment

I have not been writing much.  It's that time of year, where, despite the ingestion of 4 different medications daily, I am still often unable to get my contacts to stay in my eyes for more than a few hours because of allergies.  I try to save those times for driving and kid time, since driving without the contacts not recommended and the kids are pretty darn cute.

So the blog takes a back seat since it it pretty hard to write when you can't see what you are writing!

The kids were on Spring Break last week, so I took a few days off from work and spent a lot of time with them.  It was filled up with trips to the park for Emma, baseball (and braces) for John and a bit of family time for egg hunts and the like.  The park at the end of our street isn't much, but Emma loves the slides and swings and keeps trying harder and harder on the monkey bars each time.  John has had a solid start to baseball, nothing spectacular, but he's hitting the ball and playing with enthusiasm, which is all a dad could want.

Despite my allergies, I have been trying to get outside a lot. Saturday I coached some basebell and got some sunburn and a new look for spring. Yesterday, only half-blind for the day, I had to forgo Sadie and Gretl's birthday party, but I did manage to spend some glorious time outside in the sun and got a little (too little) exercise in.

It was a quiet, fun week with a lot of downtime for everyone to enjoy each other.  the funniest moment of the week though, came while coaching baseball, when this little gem transpired:

Coach: Ok. So that's what we do on a bunt.  Now everyone understands.  Any questions?

Kid: Coach, I have a question.

Coach: Ok, go ahead.

Kid: Did you know that all three of you coaches are wearing New Balance sneakers?

Coach: Umm, no, but that's a good observation. Anyone else have any BASEBALL questions?

So if you've ever wondering what the kids talk about when there is a discussion on the field, it likely has NOTHING to do with baseball.

Have a good week!

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