Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Even the Littlest Ones Grow Up

image from www.flickr.comToday was one of those moments as a dad. 

Emma dresses herself most days.  It takes about 35 minutes on a good day.  An hour on a bad day.  This morning she came out of her room wearing the dress and boots outfit pictured here.  I raised my eyebrows a bit.  It's not her usual look for school, but she switches it up now and then.

So when we got home tonight I asked her why she wore the dress today.  She said 'I know it is getting too small and that it's a winter dress. I wanted to wear it one more time.  My doll has a dress just like it.'

She wasn't sad, just matter-of-fact. She's growing up. A little more every day.

'Let's go take a picture,' I said. And we did and she went back to memorizing her poem for school. My little one is getting so grown up.


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Melissa said...

She DOES look so grown up here. Love this post.