Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday Fantastic Four - Easter Candy

Hello all -

It's been a great week in the Region of Brotherly Love, with the Phils beating the Pirates yesterday, 1-0 to open the season, The Masters underway, the Flyers clinching a playoff date with the Pens and doughnuts in the office to celebrate a birthday!

But it's also Easter weekend for the Christians or bunny lovers among us. We have not finished the Halloween candy at my house yet, but it's time to hunt for eggs and check out what the Easter bunny left in the baskets this year.

What are your four favorite Easter Candies?

  1. Peeps - absolute #1.  The ones covered in dark chocolate are pretty darn good too, but they don't get stale and chewy.
  2. Jelly Belly Jellybeans - I've had a weakness since the Reagan administration when they were the rage and I would walk up to Kelly's Kandy in the Brookhaven Shopping center and scoop out my favorites into a plastic bag.
  3. Cadbury Creme Eggs - They're a bit smaller than they used to be, and darn pricey, but oh so good.
  4. Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs - Yeah.  I have a thing for marshmallow.

Have a great weekend of family, sports, observations and food!

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