Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Birthday America

image from's America's birthday and our family has come from farther than ever for our annual summer gathering in Kennebunk Beach, Maine. 

On our way up, the kids and I stopped on what I consider hallowed ground, the Battle Green in Lexington and the North Bridge in Concord.  Along the Battle Road between these towns and back down to Boston, the first blood was shed in the defense of American freedom. 

While I have been there before, it was the first visit for John and Emma.  Emma is a kid who loves history and was very excited for her opportunity to better understand what happened at the beginning moments of our country's fight for independence.  John was uhh ... tolerant ... of the stop on the way to Maine.

It's a bit rainy and gray here on the 4th in Maine, but the rest of the week has been pretty glorious so far.  I hope that you and yours are enjoying your day together loving life, exercising liberty, and pursuing happiness.

Happy Independence Day America!