Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Dawn of a New Year

New Year's Day is always a bittersweet holiday.  Saying goodbye to a year full of memories, both beautiful and difficult.  Looking forward to the challenges and opportunities and all that may be for the year upcoming.

It's a natural time for reflection and evaluation, of reviewing and setting goals and considering who and what are important to you and why.

2012 was a year of much personal growth. Of finding a new comfort zone and living within it.  Of celebrating what I have and those who are with me. But, like any other, there were hard moments and times of sadness.  People who have left us and the end of some great times. Of accepting that I can't be everything that I want to be every day.

My friends and family made the year bright, both for me and for my children. We were rarely idle, laughed much, enjoyed a varied menu of activities, locations and people.  I often forgot to photograph the festivities, rarely wrote about them, but still they are ours.  Still, there was a sharp tone in my voice too often and more than a few sleepless nights wondering about the future and asking 'what if?'

I'm looking forward to 2013.  To see where friends old and new fit into my life and make it richer and fuller througout the year.  To see what new places I can visit and what old places I can see with new eyes.  To continue to learn and to grow as I do more and watch less.

I will always look back on 2012 with a mix of excitement, sadness, and wistfulness.  Isn't that really how we should look at all of life's experiences, though?

Happy New Year!

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